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Award for Cardiff: Illinois's Lost Mining Town

Updated: May 2

Author Jim Ridings was presented a special book award  at the annual meeting of the Illinois State Historical Society in Springfield on April 20, 2024 for his new book on Cardiff.

This compact volume condenses the essential information and photographs from his two large hardcover books on Cardiff, Campus and coal mining in the area. The first large book on Cardiff is sold out. Cardiff 2 is still available, along with the new book.  You can get it along with many others at

The discovery of a rich coal vein in northeast Livingston County, Illinois, in 1899 turned an open prairie into the large coal mining town of Cardiff within months. An explosion in the mine in 1903 that killed nine men looked like it might be the end of the mine and the town, but another mine shaft was sunk, and the town grew bigger than ever. However, the quality of the coal ran out in 1912. This time it was the end. The mine closed, and the buildings were transported elsewhere. The only thing left of Cardiff was its ghost town reputation. The town lasted only 13 years, but they were exciting years. This book brings the town and its people to life once again. This book contains the essential information and photographs from my first two large Cardiff books and adds new pictures and information gathered since then.

Thank you for your continued support, and stay tuned for my next book!


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