Sign the petition and ask the governor for clemency for Nancy Rish

Danny Edwards was convicted of the kidnapping and murder of Stephen Small in 1987. Nancy Rish also was convicted, simply because she lived with Edwards at the time. She remains in prison, 27 years after being convicted of a crime she did not commit.

A petition is being circulated online, asking the governor to give clemency to Nancy Rish. After reading SMALL JUSTICE, you will know she is innocent.


Sign the petition


A hearing on Nancy's plea for clemency is scheduled for 9 a.m. Tuesday, July 8, in the Thompson Building on Randolph Street in Chicago in Room 09-040. Please consider showing up to show your support.

Jim Ridings is an award winning  Investigative Author in Illinois.  He has written and published more than 20 books of local Illinois history.  

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